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7/26/10  I'd like to remind everyone to post at Kamen Rider Central. I've added a Power Rangers, VR Troopers Forum, Digimon Forum, and Sailor Moon Forum. There is of course a Kamen Rider forum.

7/26/10    I have finally updated the Database section. The Summery and Rider Page has been updated. I have other updates almost ready to be posted. The section should be caught up wiithin the next few months.
7/26/10  Its been a long time since I made a news update. Since then Dragon Knight has finished its run on CW Kids. And of course word had come down that the show was cancelled ( even though Dragon Knight had a clear cut ending).  Although there are rumors of a new Kamen Rider series in the works down the line. But none of that has been confirmed. But rest assured that Kamen Rider Online will remain in operation.

1/21/09   I got the following email from an PR firm associatied with Dragon Knight. You can get a dollar off from toy purchases. It includes a coupon. But the offer expires at the end of the month. Here is the email:



Get ready to get your Kamen Rider on! The folks at Bandai America, the makers of the Kamen Rider Dragon Knight line of toys, would like to share with you a special Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Friends and Family coupon that you can use for $1 off any purchase of $9.99 or more of any Kamen Rider Dragon Knight product .


You can download and print the coupon here: http://www.bandai.com/blog/news/save-1-00-on-kr-dbz-toys


The special offer expires on October 31,2009 and can be redeemed at participating retail locations (a partial list can be found at http://www.bandai.com/buy).

Please feel free to share the coupon with your readers if you like. And if you have any questions, please let me know."

1/19/08  Graham (MR Aftersock and myself ( Chris Zunis AKA PRangerX)  conducted an interview with Kathy Christopherson of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight.  She plays Michelle Walsh. A character that is yet to debut. She is also worked with the Wang brothers on Guyver 2 Dark Hero. Where she played the  female lead.  She currently has a reoccuring role on Private Practice. And has several of her own personal projects that she has written and/or produced. We hosted the interview at Kamen Rider Central. You should be able to listen to it without signing up. Although I'd recommend jioning, we have cast and crew that are already members. 

1/19/08   Janurary 11, the cast and crew memembers of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight were at the Comics and Science Fiction Convention. Where they gave a preview of the new toyline. Its obviously already happened but I thought it was still worth mentioning. Here is the email Bandai America sent some Power Rangers site:  

Hello Power Rangers Fans!
I wanted to share that Bandai has a NEW toy line debuting later this year: Kamen Rider Dragon Knight.  With more details to come over the next few weeks, we wanted to give you a chance to take a peek at the live-action series inspiring the toy line.

Come meet the actors of Kamen Rider at the Comics and Science Fiction Convention at the Shrine Auditorium in LA!  For more information on the convention, please visit http://www.comicbookscifi.com/.

Directors Steve Wang and Mike Wang will host a special presentation at 2:00PM on Sunday, January 11th with the stars of the Kamen Rider show including:

Stephen Lunsford (Kit Taylor/Dragon Knight), Matt Mullins (Len/Wing Knight), Yvonne Arias (Maya), Taylor Emerson (Trent), Jeff Davis (Frank Taylor), Kathy Christopherson (Michelle Walsh), Christopher Babers, and Carrie Reichenbach.

We'd love for you to share this with your readers - let me know if you have any questions!

1/19/09 KRO reader CCFMDS has submitted two reviews for the first two episodes of Dragon Knight.  Which are "Search For The Dragon" and "Contract With The Dragon". Go here   for his thoughts. Anyone is welcomed to submit a review or their own feedback to the series. Just email me here.

12/31/08   I recieved a fan review for "Search for the Dragon" ( Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Episode one) . It was From a website visitor named Leowyn.  Go here for the review. If you would like to send you're own review or feed back, go here.  ( edit: The review link wasn't working before....It works now).

12/31/08   Kamen Rider Online is proud to announce that Kamen Rider Central ( our affilate) has now become a interactive social netorwk for Kamen Rider and Tokusatu. Jion today. 

12/19/08   The transcript for the Kamen Rider Central ( our affilate) chat with the Kamen Rider Dragon Knight chat is finally up. The un-needed comments have been deleted.  Sorry it took so long to get this up. Here it is.

12/14/08  Marissa Lauren stars as Robyn in a web series called Private High  Musical. Here is the official website for the series.

12/14/08 Marisa Lauren  has an official My Space Page  up. Marisa plays Lacy in Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. The Lacy character is a friend of Maya's. She seems to be comic relief. Here is Marisa's My Space Page. 

12/14/08  I want to thank the Cast and Crew for Showing up at the Chat Saturday night. As well as all the fans that came. The chat was a success. We hope to have the transcript up soon.

12/13/08 I'm looking for  responses to the first episode of Dragon Knight. So email me you're response. Please have it be at least one paragraph, telling what you like and disliked about it. As well as any other thoughts. If you want do do a full length review ( 7-12 paragraphs at least) I'll post those too. Don't send anything in if you don't want it posted on the site.

12/13/08   Just a reminder that in a few short hours ( 8 pm eastern/5 pm pacific)  that our affilate will be hosting a Kamen Rider Dragon Knight chat. Which will include most of the cast and crew of the show itself. So register now and enter the room at you're convience. 

12/13/08  I want to apoligize for  saying that the Kamen Rider Dragon Night sneak peak was at 9:00 AM today. It actually aired at 9:30 AM. My viewing guide had it listed at 9:00 AM for some reason. So for those of you that missed it, so did I. However, Kieth of Henshin Justice has put up some youtube episodes of the first episode on his main page. So that should tide you over until a better encode is posted. It was a life saver for me. Also I beleive I said the actual series run begins on January 13. Its actually January 3.  

Henshin Justice

12/12/08  Kamen Rider Central ( an affilate of Power Rangers Online  , Kamen Rider Online, and Rider Power) is hosting a internet chat with the Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Cast and Crew. It will be held on Saturday 8 pm eastern ( 5 pm pacific). I'd like to thank MR-Aftershock for making this possible. I'm proud to be hosting this chat for him. Usernames in the chat delete after a certain amount of time. So you're best bet is to show up at the chat early and register ( its easy and takes five seconds). Please be respectful and kind. Below are the confirmed guests and the link to the chat.


Stephen Lunsford - Actor - Kit Taylor ( Dragon Knight )

Yvonne Aries - Actor - Maya

Matthew Mullins - Actor - Len ( Wing Knight )

David Jakubovic -Production Editor

Nathan Long - Story Editor

Chat Link


12/12/08  Just a reminder that Kamen Rider Dragon Knight sneak peak will air tommarrow
 ( this Saturday), at 9:00 AM Eastern ( On CW Kids). This will be the first episode of the series. The series will resume its run on January 13., 2009.

12/12/08  The first two minutes of the premiere have been posted on the Kids CW Youtube Channel.  Click here to see it. 
12/12/08  Keith Heyward of Henshin Justice conducted an interview with Nathan Long. Who is the Story Editor for Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. A story editor is basically the same as being head writer.  Long had a big part in the creative direction of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. The interview discusses his role on the show and his philophies going in. He also goes into his background in the bussiness. As well as how he got invovled in the Dragon Knight project. Go here for the interview.

12/12/08  Kamen Rider Generations  is a new Kamen Rider Dragon Knight fan site. It has an episode guide, a character page, and an  arsenal page. It also supplies news for  Dragon Knight and its fandom.

12/12/08  This site has been down for the last day or so,  due to  a webhost change. I actually decided to to go back to my old host. Sorry for any inconvience. Kamen Rider Online will be you're source for Kamen Rider Dragon Knight news and series information. It basically will be what this site is for PR but for Dragon Knight.  I will no longer be posting most Kamen Rider news at PRO. It will mostly be posted here.

12/01/08  Henshin Justice is reporting that Kamen Rider Dragon Knight will debut on January 3, 2009. With a sneak peak on December 13, 2008 ( the first episode airing early). DK will air on Saturday's at 9:30 AM, on the CWKids block. Kamen Rider Dragon Knight is the long awaited american adaption to Kamen Rider Ryuki. And the first US adaption of Kamen Rider since Masked Rider. Both propteries have nothing to do with each other. As Adness is producing Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. Masked Rider was produced by Saban Entertianment.

7/19/08  BurgandyRanger reports that   Kamen Rider Dragon Knight has officially been picked up by CW Kids. It will air on their Saturday Morning Block ( CW Kids is controlled by 4kids ). This will presumably air sometime in early 09. The rumored deal with Cartoon Network never happened . But we know now that we will at least be able to see Dragon Knight in its entireity. Production actually finished quite awhile ago. They were just waiting on a home for the 40 episodes. Whether we get more then that depends on how well this thing does. It will be the first American Toku  besides PR in a while.

Dragon Knight is the latest american adaption of Kamen Rider. Another Toku show that is owned by Toei.  Kamen Rider Dragon Knight is being produced by Adness Entertianment. And more specifically adapts Kamen Rider Ryuki.

Keith Heyward was able to attend the wrap party and got to see the first four episodes of the show. And had glowling reviews for it. Those of you that saw the leaked piolet online should know that some things have changed. As the male and female leads have been recast. The piolet was just to sell the show, not to be the first episode.

News of Kamen Rider Dragon Knights Pick up ( orginally posted on rangerboard.com)


Kieth's Time at the Wrap Party.


7/19/08 Kamen Rider Dragon Knight was never actually picked up by Cartoon Network. As was reported by many places ( including this one) last year. It was however picked up by another network recently. Which is stated above.

7/19/08 MR-Aftershock has posted an exclusive look at some of the bikes that will be featured in Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. The bikes have Dragon Knight and Wing Knight on them.

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight is an American  adaption of Kamen Rider Ryuki. Which is scheduled to debut at some point in 2008.Click on the link to see Aftershock'

7/19/08  The Talkrider.com domain lapsed on us months ago. However the TalkRider database has been loaded into a new form. Which serves as a Power Rangers, Kamen Rider, and Toku forum. And is the official forum of Power Rangers Online and Kamen Rider Online. The forum is called Rider Power ( Rider stands for Kamen Rider and Power for Power Rangers).

7/19/08 This site hasn't been updated much of the past year. Part of that is because the show hasn't even aired yet. And due to the fact that I post Dragon Knight news  over at our sister site , Power Rangers Online. Which hasn't been updated much either, until the past week anyway. So be sure to check out Power Rangers Online as well. It may have some Dragon Knight news mixed in, that I didn't get a chance to post here.

The goal for this site is for it to be  what Power Rangers Online  is for the american versions of Kamen Rider, starting with Dragon Knight and any possible future adaptions.  I will also try to give some background on the Japan Kamen Rider series. As well as   some info on  Masked Rider.

08/20/07  Kamen Rider Dragon Knight has been picked up by the Cartoon Network. So it looks like it is officially good to go. It won't debut untill early 2008 however. Cartoon Network is an interesting station, as it usually just airs cartoons. But Dragon Knight will be targeting kids so it makes sense. Plus Cartoon Network is a reasonably big network. This is a good day for American Toku fans.  

Actress Kathleen Gati has a site that confirms this. Aparently  she is going to be a guest star on the show at some point. Scroll down towards the bottom of the site and you will see Kamen Rider listed ( it says its on Cartoon Network). It refers to it as Kamen Rider  Black Knight.  Its not confirmed or not, as to if the show has had a name change or if that was just some mistake . Click here to go to the  Gati's site.

Kamen Rider Online, Rider Power,  Power Rangers Online and all affilates claim no affilation to Kamen Rider or Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. This is just a unofficial fan website.   

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